I am very impressed with their service and their attention to detail.

Chick-Fil-A Restaurant Owner

Ga Pro Cleaners have been fantastic! I hired them to clean my office, but things went crazy and I ended up needing them for cleaning two of our local offices.

LGI Homes

Very good. I continue to use them. Very professional and trustworthy.

Simon Restaurant

I hired Georgia Pro Cleaners, commercial cleaning company, to clean my Chick-fil-A restaurant and I am very impressed with their service and their attention to detail. The professionals at Georgia Pro Cleaners do a terrific job cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing the kitchen, restrooms and dining facilities, as well as pressure washing the building, drive-thru, and garbage pad. The disinfecting, in light of current events, is especially important and such a relief. I've received terrific feedback from my employees. Georgia Pro Cleaners lighten the burden on my staff and allow them to provide excellent service to our customers.
I enthusiastically recommend the services of Georgia Pro Cleaners for your commercial cleaning needs. They have been working in my Chick-Fil-A restaurant for almost 2 years and I will patronize the company for the foreseeable future. Since they've been cleaning my establishment, I've seen our staff retention numbers improve and we've been able to continue servicing customers safely throughout a global pandemic.
Georgia Pro Cleaners has been a reliable and trustworthy company. They have provided outstanding, professional service. For these reasons, I am confident in recommending this company for your commercial cleaning needs. They go above and beyond. I am sure they will make your job easier, relieve the burden from your staff, and keep your staff and customers safer.

Al Richard, Owner/Operator Chick-Fil-A

I, Willie Potter, am writing this letter to recommend the services of an outstanding, professional cleaning company, Georgia Pro Cleaners. We recently contracted Georgia Pro Cleaners to provide cleaning services for our facilities at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and I am very impressed with their service and the attention to detail. Their employees are professional, punctual, thorough, and aim to please. I am glad to have found a company I can trust to do the same quality work each cleaning.
In my workplace, there is an expectation and requirement to maintain cleanliness and order. Georgia Pro Cleaners staff takes all of the extra cleaning requirements and protocols in stride, keeping our working environment clean.
I have never been anything less than completely satisfied by the work that Georgia Pro Cleaners has done. I would confidently recommend them for all of your facility's cleaning needs.

Willie Potter, Management Analyst Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) WorkLife Wellness Office (WWO)

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